What treats do you give your kids?

One of the reasons children crave sugar so much is because they are surrounded by it all the time at parties and special events and the way many food companies create food and treats these days (even cereal, pasta sauces and yogurt) is to make them addictive, so the more you taste, the more you want; and…the more money they make. They even hire food addiction specialists to do that; it’s so sad! Plus,

kids taste buds are not mature enough to feel like it’s too sweet, or not good for them; in fact, for kids, the sweeter it is, the more happy their taste buds.

We can help, by bringing more natural, non processed treats into our homes, to birthday parties, Shabbat and special occasions and to our kids’ classrooms, like the ones pictured below. I’m not saying to never have sugary treats.. It’s all about moderation, (although, according to Dr. Jane Tavyev Asher; known as the neurotic neurologist who gave a lecture at our school last night, she says to have none at all); because unfortunately, it’s hard to moderate when foods today are purposely full of addictive ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and more; which mess up the gut bacteria, and can cause ADHD and other behavior problems.

So, the next time you’re choosing a treat for your child or their friends, choose one with clean ingredients, or better yet, bring something natural, similar to what Noah and Lilah’s parents brought; the kids loved it!! If it’s pretty, looks like a treat, and you make it sound like a treat, the kids are usually down to try it:)

Thank you, Yoko and Sam, and many of you reading this for leading by example.

Tip for the week: Introduce your kids to healthier treats, read ingredients and, if you take the time to make fruits and veggies look fun like the ones above, they’ll be more likely to try it.

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