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Rivkie is a hidden treasure! She has brought so much light, serenity, inner peace, love and joy to my life. When I started my weight loss journey with Rivkie about three months ago, I was a bit hesitant…and boy was I wrong! She has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life. Rivkie is so caring about my health and wellbeing. She has gone 100% above and beyond what I expected and what I dreamed for in a coach. She explains things clearly and beautifully with tremendous insight and wisdom. I feel so lucky to have found her and have her holding my hand though this incredibly healing journey. Having Rivkie by my side helped me lose weight and feel great. And the most amazing part is that there’s so much more healing going on that she helps me tap into beyond weight loss. I’ve learned to bring joy to myself, to love and appreciate myself more, all thanks to the amazing awesome Rivkie. There’s so much more I can share, so please have anyone call me for a reference.
With love, respect and admiration,
Dina Ram, Los Angeles, CA

I have enjoyed my time together with Rivkie immensely! I originally decided to work with Rivkie to lose weight that got piled on since having a newborn during lockdown. While I did reach my weight loss goal of 36 lbs, what was far more valuable was my self-care discovery. Rivkie encouraged me to find joy outside of food and to really prioritize myself so I can feel good and healthy. I recommend this program if you would like to put yourself first and take control of your life.
A working mom (name omitted for privacy), Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Wow! I’m just amazed at my results and want to brag to everyone, everywhere and share how much you have helped me. You are one in a trillion! I’m down from 249 to 188! I could not have done it without your help. I feel so amazing. You are one of the most amazing coaches I have had the privilege to work with. You have a true talent in helping people make better food and lifestyle choices with a positive approach, in a relatable and sustainable way. I am so grateful to you. Thank you.
Michael C, Long Island, NY

It is miraculous how from feeling despair about food when I came to see Rivkie, it is now two months of delicious healthy cooking, without any bingeing or cake and sweets! When I prepare my fancy plates I think of Rivkie, how she suggested that I focus on the ambiance at my meals rather than the tedious prep. That tip was a home run!
Baily Fischer, Los Angeles, CA

Rivkie has been such a great teacher and support to our family. With younger kids in the house, shifting to healthier choices could have been a struggle. Rivkie has so many ideas that benefited the entire household.
Sharon Eshaghoff, Los Angeles, CA

I have the unique and privileged honor to know Rivkie through work. I came across Rivkie’s AMAZING program through casual conversation. It was through this conversation that Rivkie picked up on key words and phrases I was saying that led to her asking how I viewed my current lifestyle. Her keen insight on what to recognize in people as it pertains to healthy living led her to suggest a few minor life style changes. This ultimately led to me becoming a client. Through Rivkie’s coaching and daily reminders on what I can do to better myself, I have seen SIGNIFICANT changes in how I approach my daily routine and life in general. From meal preps (LIFE SAVER!!!) to drinking more water to enjoying what the day has to offer has led me to be more positive and enhanced my life. Rivkie is a warm and sincere person and her ability to see the glass as half full instead of half empty is refreshing. I enjoy my daily reminders on how I am doing and her gentle but firm way of getting me to take that next step. If you haven’t done so, please look into Rivkie’s Healthy and Balanced Life program…YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!
Robert Tilley, Hawthorne, CA

Rivkie is so passionate about what she does!  She is so motivating…you can feel her energy. I asked Rivkie to work with our 10 year old daughter who has put on a lot of weight during the last year. Rivkie never discusses her weight with her and instead focuses on education…preparing all kinds of activities for her to realize the importance of making healthy food choices and exercise. Rivkie meets with her once a week via zoom or facetime. During the week she checks in on her and my daughter is motivated to make some healthier decisions knowing the encouraging feedback she will get. Rivkie is incredibly patient and has amazing approach with children. We love her! She is the best gift in our life!
Rochel S., Miami, FL

I look forward to my bi-weekly meetings with Rivkie because I know that speaking to Rivkie will give me the reinforcement I need to keep up my efforts, and the encouragement to take on some more. Rivkie is such a great listener! She always takes the time to gather as many details as possible, not only about how my meal plans are going, but also about my life in general so that she can give me advice that is practical, helpful and easy to implement. And because her suggestions are realistic and individual – they work!  Within the first week of speaking to Rivkie, I felt a drastic change in my energy level. Speaking to Rivkie during a very hectic time of my life helped me keep my weight and energy in check at a time when I otherwise would probably have been ordering fast food dinners for breakfast, lunch and supper!  And one more thing I love about Rivkie is that she really cares about her clients and is such a wonderful person to connect with!
Cherry Yarus, Nevada City, CA

The best! Most genuine! Good person in the world! Honest caring and dedicated! She coached my two children on Skype and it was far superior to any such option in person throughout the entire tri state area! Proud to be related to you !
Rabbi Mendel Blau, Brooklyn, New York

I was very fortunate to be able to sit with Health Coach Rivkie to discuss my high cholesterol and what action I can take to lower it. Before my visit with her, I filled out the questionnaire that was both easy and thorough. She was incredibly easy to speak to and to be open and honest with about my eating habits (which turned out to be pretty good!) She didn’t make me feel bad that I like my sweets. After sitting with Rivkie she gave me the confidence to go out and start walking. She didn’t make me feel like I had to go work out for two hours, just a simple walk three or four times a week can make such a change. Because of Rivkie I walked four times in one week after my initial sit down with her. When I texted her to tell her of my successful week she made me feel so good and was clearly my biggest cheering squad. Thank you Health Coach Rivkie!!!!!
Tamara Deverell, Los Angeles, CA

Rivkie is wonderful with kids. In one session, she had my boys, ages 4 and 6 all excited to try “growing foods” and eat colorful foods on their plate. Rivkie is all about positive, happy and healthy eating!
Sara Blau, Brooklyn, NY

Rivkie began working with my children a few months ago. She has an incredible gift with working with children..she is so passionate, warm, patient and so motivating. She meets with them via skype/zoom and prepares all types of educational and fun material for them. The children look forward to those sessions all week. They adore Rivkie and shes encouraged them to be mindful of choosing healthy foods and staying active. She’s developed special systems of charts and gives them daily feedback. We couldn’t have asked for more. This is the best investment for life!
Immanuel S., Miami, FL


Rivkie gave a growing food lesson to our 3 year old students. She kept them engaged at all times. Having the hands on activities were the key to this group. They enjoyed her positive outlook on healthy living. We truly appreciate her taking the time to come to our classroom to share her knowledge of health with our students. We also appreciated her delicious cookie recipe. The children loved them!
Teacher Sharon of the Mighty Meteors Class at Temple Isaiah Preschool, Los Angeles

Rivkie gave a growing circle to our very active 5 year old class, and the lesson was perfect! The children took what they learned and implemented it during meal time. They especially loved the magnet food game!
Teacher Ellen of the Silver Moons Class at Temple Isaiah Preschool, Los Angeles, CA

SM  udate.png


Thank you so much RIVKIE for coming to Florida to run the best health camp retreat for us! You make it so easy and fun to eat healthy and exercise. Here’s some stuff that I really enjoyed doing together.

Running on the trampoline, creating healthy recipes with you like pickles,  fruit ice cream, flavored water and making sushi out of our breakfast to make it more fun to eat.
Imagining our thoughts throughout the day, meditating, breathing… (actually, you taking the time to listen to our thoughts).
Voices – cheerful voices, we talked about being positive, happy and grateful everyday.
Keep listening, Kids yoga, Kids plates – you helped us see what our plates should look like at every meal and made it easy to do with the cute sectional plates you got us.
Interrupting other things you might have wanted to do and spending the whole day with us playing fun games, reading stories about taking care of our body and doing fun activities all about healthy eating and healthy living.
Exploring through the canal with us and the healthy room at the Miami Children’s Museum, exercising outdoors in nature, taking nature walks and you taught me how I can exercise for more than a few minutes without getting out of breath.

**I made this video about all the things I learned with Rivkie so You can learn it too!

Chaya S., 4th Grader, Miami, FL


Rivkie Blau guest lectured at my college course last night. Awesome speaker, incredible information, and students loved her. They are still referencing her lecture in my class, weeks later!
Dr. Tamar Andrews, Los Angeles, CA

Rivkie was a guest speaker in one of my classes at Santa Monica College. She was so informative about the ingredients to look for, ingredients to stay away from. She even brought actual food to class to show us how easy it is to make good choices for ourselves and how small changes in our diet can make a big difference. After that presentation I couldn’t help but reflect how bad I had been treating my body. That lecture felt like a wake-up call. I decided I will make better choices for myself and nourish my body the right way. I eliminated all sugars out of my diet. Started using olive oil, wheat free breads, started to cut on carbs. Since then I have lost 13 lbs and I feel so much better. I feel like suddenly I am more aware and alert of my surrounding. Can’t thank you enough Rivkie for all the valuable information that you educated us with. I appreciate it so much!!!
Rehbaz Naik, Los Angeles, California

I love how Rivkie combined spirituality, meditation, life coaching, putting love in the food, all with scientific facts. She really incorporated everything in her talk at SMC; she’s a natural at this and my hope is that she never stop doing this, that she speak at larger colleges, businesses and educate the world. She has such a wealth of knowledge and so much to offer.
Israel M, Los Angeles, CA

Rivkie’s lecture in Brooklyn tonight was very informative and in a short amount of time, she covered a lot. Rivkie has a wealth of knowledge about living happy and giving gratitude and how to take care of your body and make healthy choices.
Dov B, Brooklyn, NY

Rivkie’s lecture was very empowering because she gave a message that each person can make the changes in their lifestyle on their level, at their pace and when they’re ready. She was very non judgmental of people’s challenges and difficulties with keeping a healthy lifestyle and she speaks with lots of positive words and encouragement.
Sternie Mellul, Montreal, Quebec

Rivkie did a fantastic speaking tour in four cities in Central and Northern California for the Chabad Communities for Tu B’shevat. We learned about about harnessing food and nature’s healing powers; using food as medicine;  how you are what you eat.  It was extremely hands on. Rivkie had a display table filled with everyday foods, educating us on how to read a food label, busting some food myths and reminding us how to start 2018 in a healthy way. From what we put in our mouths, to exercise, water consumption, sleep and more. We also learned about the importance of nourishing our skin with natural ingredients and we got to make our own bath scrubs and skin potions. We also made smoothies and learned how to spruce up our smoothies with super food and super green goodness to keep us fuller for longer and not spike our blood sugar. It was great!

1. Grass V
Chabad of Grass Valley, CA

2. Sac
Chabad of Sacramento, CA

3. Vacaville
Chabad of Vacaville, CA

4. Fresno
Chabad of Fresno, CA

Rivkie’s talk in Crown Heights was very informative. She really knew her stuff and encouraged small steps and small changes. She didn’t make you feel bad about what you’re not doing. She related very well to the crowd and knew her audience. She welcomed all questions and input and was very encouraging…even the skeptics in the crowd were drawn toward healthy changes. I would definitely recommend Rivkie to speak; but more than that to hire her as your health coach!  I’m so inspired now and can’t wait for her to go through my pantry and help me reach my health goals. That would definitely maximize the lecture for me.  Rivkie isn’t about rules of don’t do this and don’t do that; she gives practical tips that made a lot of sense that everyone would want to incorporate into their lifestyle.
C. Yusewitz, Grass Valley, CA

I am inspired by Rivkie’s enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. She encourages the integration of positive thinking, eating healthy and exercise.
Esther Avtzon, Brooklyn, NY

Rivkie was awarded best presentation of the year at Wildfire Business Networking in June 2018 after sharing with us what she does as a nutrition health coach and educating a room full of 80 entrepreneurs about food labeling myths, how to check a label,  how to make healthy food exciting for young children and more.
Wildfire Networking, Los Angeles


Rivkie lives this for real! Healthy lifestyle physically mentally and emotionally. Love the combined holistic and practical approach!!
Aidel Zaklos, Vacaville, California

Rivkie will work and help you achieve wellness goals such as losing weight, increasing energy, and healthy living. She will also focus on disease prevention, reducing stress, and creating balance in all areas of life. Rivkie believes in going beyond food and diet to explore the many ways that a client can improve their quality of life and that finding lasting health and happiness is the way to live. Thanks Rivkie for everything you taught me and for many hours of health discussions, farmers markets and healthy adventures.
Galia Nis, El Segundo, California

So impressed with Rivkie Blau’s health blog. She says: “Eating at Night: Many studies show that our digestive system slows at night so it’s healthier not to eat large meals at night. Exposure to sunlight promotes easier digestion. When the sun goes down, there is less light stimulating the optic nerve, and digestion slows down”. Also has an intercultural understanding angle to this post as it considers a major Jewish ritual, the Passover Seder, from a health perspective.
Rabbi Zalman Kastel, Sydney Australia


Success! Everyone liked the Almond Cookies!
Sharon E, Los Angeles

Loved the Tempeh recipe, so good! It tasted like potato kugel.
Mitch F, Los Angeles


Lost 2 lbs this week, credit to super coach Rivkie!
R Kap, Brooklyn NY

I just went dress shopping and it’s amazing; I can fit into dresses I couldn’t fit into when we started working together 2 months ago!

I always feel so good and uplifted after our sessions;  It’s almost like having a therapy session. It makes me think about life and my choices in a different way. I love the homework which is both reflective and gives me clarity on how to reach my goals. You’re so wise and great at what you do and I’m so grateful to be working you.
Happy Client, Los Angeles, CA

It’s always been so hard to drink water but since our sessions and adding your suggestion, I’ve been able to drink two water bottles each day! I’ve also been much more productive; I didn’t realize how much the way I was eating was weighing me down.
CY, Brooklyn, NY

Since our initial meeting, I feel so good about my new health goals and changes; I woke up this morning with a pep in my step, excited to come to work, excited for a new day. I’m looking forward to meal prepping and getting back to the gym and implementing the things we discussed. I feel better with meal prep and not eating at night. My family is shocked that I’m making these changes. I’ve never done this in my life. 
RT, Torrance, CA

I wanted to tell you that after I ate your chocolate yesterday morning, I went back to the classroom and within 20-25 minutes I was jumping around and dancing with the kids and my co-workers were saying, gosh what got into you? I didn’t realize until now that it must have been the energy that you’re raw chocolates gave me.  I only ate two but they were yummy.
Luna F., Los Angeles, CA

Really motivated by our session, just implemented one thing and I already feel I have more energy! Loving it.
AZ, Vacaville, CA

Since listening to your talk in Brooklyn in December, i made some changes. Bought healthy ketchup, maple syrup instead of sugar, we no longer buy vanilla yogurt; only plain and thankfully the kids didn’t notice the difference because we sweeten it with berries. I got rid of corn syrup that I found in my cabinet and I got my diet started, lost 12 lbs.
CB, Brooklyn, NY

I want you to know that your lecture at Santa Monica College changed my life. I went home thinking that I can’t continue to eat the way that I do. I immediately cut out all sugars and lots of carbs, and have lost 13 lbs in the last 5 weeks since your lecture.  I’ve inspired my husband and children and have their support. I feel so much better. I also showed my husband the bread demonstration that you showed us, seeing the difference of healthy bread and non nutritious bread. I stopped buying the bread I used to eat and I now buy the low sodium ezekiel bread and I find that I get full from it faster and don’t need to eat as much and it’s very tasty. Thank you so much.
RN,  Los Angeles, California

Your blog inspired me. As soon as I get home I’m going to stock up on exotic fruits and vegetables and I want to try and start pickling vegetables.
Leah S,  London England

Since having breakfast with you I started first having tea and fruit in the morning. I feel so much better! It’s like a good easy way to start your metabolism.
CA, Hong Kong, Asia

We were in Costco and I now read all the labels:) For fun, we compared a real maple syrup to the fake pancake syrups. Yuck, yuck. Thanks for your inspiration.
Chana B, Brooklyn, NY

Just made myself your lemon tea for the first time, and with no sugar! Totally not like me, such a healthy feeling:)
Rivky Wilansky, Moscow, Russia

I love reading all your health tips and positive words!
AB, Arcadia, CA

I tried Kimchi for the first time this morning. I really like it. Another health building tool added to my arsenal.
Mary B, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 

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