Podcast Guest

1. 11/20/17

Tony de Lacey of TDL Fitness, a British fitness trainer, life coach and nutritionist living in London interviews Health Coach Rivkie. This episode is called “Breaking Free”.  (Begins in minute 12.)

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In this episode Rivkie shares some personal things about her own life and changes that she made to empower listeners to live their best life! Feeling like you’re in a slump of any sort? Know that no one’s gonna swoop in to save you and make it all better; although there is one person who can, and that is YOU. In this podcast, TDL fitness asks some thought provoking questions and together with Rivkie they explore the lessons of Humanism in helping us shape our future selves by taking control and accepting responsibility for ourselves.

2. 12/2/18

Guest on Temple Isaiah’s Podcast sharing 2 minutes of “Chanukah” inspiration.

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