About me


Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Rivkie Blau. I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and an expert in Mindfulness – in the kitchen, around food and beyond.

I approach health in a holistic way, using food as medicine with my clients to start their healing journey. This often leads to other positive changes such as better sleep, weight loss, stress management, better digestion and elimination, and mindfulness in many other areas of life, beyond the kitchen. I believe that everyone is unique, and there is no one size fits all solution. I empower my clients to prioritize themselves. I teach them how to eat more mindfully, how to listen to their body, their desires, and understand their true needs that are being masked in constant hunger.

With a degree in early childhood education and 17 years in preschool administration, I also love working with children and teens, educating them to make better choices and develop a healthier relationship with food and not adopt diet culture as a way of living.

I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, learning from top experts in the health and wellness field. I also studied Shakti Reiki and Mystic Shamanism, an in depth, deeply spiritual healing program which helped me learn to take mindfulness to a much deeper, practical, everyday level, with Dr. Raven Lee.

I use my expertise in self-care and mindfulness with my clients to help them fight their food battles, cuz it’s never just about food. We often use food as a tool to cover up our deepest desires and needs that aren’t being met.

In order to be successful with diet and food, we need to integrate healthy habits in other areas of our lives. That’s really the magic potion to see sustainable results, along with many nutritional guidelines and food hacks that I share with my clients.

As an empath and sensitive soul, my environment and the products I use are very important to me. So it’s an honor being a consultant for a fantastic and affordable 100% toxic free product line: http://www.purehaven.com/rivkie use my link for 10% cash back on every order. I don’t know any other consultant that gives this type of discount, but I believe that toxic-free products should be available to all.

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If you choose to work with me, I can guarantee you the most educational and wonderful experience, with lots of love and guidance every step of the way. You will not only be investing in your immediate future, but you will walk away with a ton of valuable and practical tools around food and health that will last you throughout your life. With these tools, you will not only be enhancing your own life, but the lives of all those around you. Everyone will notice a difference and benefit from you up-leveling in this way.