Toxic Free Products

Tired of products that are making your skin irritated or affecting your mood??…

…Try these fantastic 100% toxic free products:

Or…contact me to try one of my own essential oil natural healing products from my personal line (ie: lavender pillow spray for more relaxing sleep, coconut lemon body scrub for skin, digitize stomach roller to help digestion, panaway mint muscle rub to ease sore muscles / arthritis, winter wellness roller to build up immune system etc.  I can customize and create any product to your symptoms.)  (Pictures coming soon)

Why did I become a consultant for pure haven? 
• I absolutely love their products
• All products are 100% toxin free
• They all smell really good
• Products are not diluted with water so you’re getting a full rich, product
• Made in small batches, so always fresh
• Money back guarantee if you’re not happy, so you have nothing to lose
• They keep the prices low to make it affordable for everyone
• See how their products rate on “think dirty” app; pretty good

Some products that may be helpful for you:
• Booboo stick for spotting and removing pimples
• Hands on go for an alcohol free hand sanitizer but also works great on acne
• Dream cream for psoriasis and eczema
• Toothpaste whitens teeth and is great for sensitive teeth
• Baby products that are 100% safe for babies
• Their deodorant lasts all day, is all natural and smells really good (the only natural deodorant I’ve tried that lasts all day!)
• Their makeup remover leaves face feeling smooth, clean and glowing