Listen to your body and the signs it gives you

We live in an information abundant world; everything available at our fingertips and it’s hard to know what information is accurate when it comes to health and food, right? So my suggestion is…be your own judge! See which foods make you feel good; which ones don’t and which ones cause your kids to act differently.

listen to body

Know that each of our bodies are different, so

a diet that works for one person, doesn’t work for someone else. One does great on a vegan lifestyle, someone else thrives on animal protein. But, we each have the capacity to be in tune to our body and listen to its messages on what is best for us.

Do you experience chronic headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, or acne? These can be subtle reminders from your body that something isn’t right. Listen to your body’s cues and messages so that you can make small changes to feel your best.

Tip for the week: Take time to notice the signs of what is off in your body and fix it with food or lifestyle changes. You can and will heal yourself …if you listen to what your body is telling you.

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