Did you know that donating blood is very beneficial to your health?

Do you donate blood? A person who is healthy can donate every two months. This is such an important and easy way to celebrate your health and give to others. I encourage any of you who are in decent health to please, please do this often! People are relying on it. You can save 1-4 lives with every donation.  I do this every two months at cedars and they make it so easy and enjoyable. Plus, did you know that there’s a whole host of health benefits you get by donating blood? See the list below on what it’ll do for you and your body. Let’s give the best gift to our communities and neighbors this holiday season – the gift of life!


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Why kicking off your shoes increases your health!

shoes8Did you know that by removing your shoes before entering your house or apartment you can increase your health? Yup! Why is that? Well, we’re surrounded by toxins in the air, on the ground and on mostly everything we eat. Every year, the toxins in our environment increase by 3%!!! The population increases by .77% each year, so what does that say about our environment if the toxins increase at a rapid rate of 3x more than the population…it’s ridiculous! Toxins are directly related to auto immune diseases. There are many things you can do to reduce toxins in your life such as having an air filter at home, removing mercury tooth fillings, eliminating creams, lotions and cosmetics that have toxic chemicals in it, etc.  Interesting fact: Did you know that a woman uses an average of 80 cosmetics  just before breakfast! 

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Reaping the benefits of exercise!

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Now, back to exercise! I often hear from clients “I know I should exercise but I can’t find the time or the motivation…” So I ask you: Do you want to feel better tomorrow, next week, next year or do you want to feel lighter and more energized Today?? #justdoit #bethechangeyouwanttosee #brightenupyourday #feelamazing #endorphins #energyboost

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Benefits of fasting and some light Recipes to break fast on.

For those of you who fasted on Yom Kippur, did you know that there are lots of health benefits associated with fasting?  It can be 24 hour fasting, intermittent fasting, 16 hour fasting, 13 hour, any break you give to your body and your digestive system is great. I try to fast at least 12 hours each day, from 6 pm until 6-10 am the next morning. Here are some of the many benefits according to authority nutrition:

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Wonder Why Americans Are Sick and Overweight?

Anyone who realizes that there is something wrong in the way we eat can make a change, and I know you do!

Why is low quality food like genetically modified corn, dairy, meat and soy – subsidized by the govt and fruits and veggies are not?? Making those with lower incomes say they can’t eat a healthy diet because it’s too expensive…forcing them to spend their hard earned dollars on doctor bills and pharmacies from the ailments they’re getting from the cheap foods they’re eating. We need to make a change to make a Healthier America and afford everyone the opportunity to eat healthy! Everyone deserves to be able to treat their body like a Temple and not like a Garbage Disposal.

Salads need to be $1 and low quality burgers on crappy white bread should be $4, not the other way around!  Soda should be taxed and overpriced and water should be Free!!!

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The Ripple Effect

Happy Jewish New Year and Shana Tova to everyone!! A huge component to good health is Community and Giving. And it causes a ripple effect of good and giving in the world. How many times has someone given to you and it made you want to go out and do the same for someone else? Giving to others fills your heart, makes you happy, gives you purpose and that kind of satisfaction increases your health by leaps and bounds!

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Why meal prepping boosts your health!

Are you having a hard time staying away from junk food?  Do you find yourself nibbling on your kids leftovers? Are you eating foods that give you energy? Try meal prepping. It’s important to keep your fridge stocked with healthy, ready to eat foods that you love. Doing this will also make meal time more enjoyable, eliminating the time spent planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up. Who has time for that each day?

meal-prep-5        meal-prep-3

Incorporate some of these tips to help you eat healthier and save lots of time.

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My Favorite Smoothie/Cocktail for the Holiday Weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!  I want to share with you one of my favorite smoothies which can easily turn into a delicious cocktail!

All you need is two fruits but one of the things I love about making a smoothie is that you can throw in so many superfoods that you wouldn’t normally eat, making one cup of this so full of nutrition and energy boosting ingredients! So I’ll list everything I put in but feel free to make it with just the fruit; it’ll taste just as good.

In a vitamix or any blender you have, throw in the following ingredients:


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How well do you sleep?

sleep 3    good-sleep-important-healthy-nutrition

We live in such a fast paced world, so much to do, so little time that often we do not make enough time to give our body the much needed rest and rejuvenation that it needs to continue to run properly.  A good sleep every night is one of the most important things you can do for your health. What is a good sleep?  Good sleep is restful and uninterrupted. Good sleep helps with brain function and emotional well-being. During sleep your body is healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels, promoting healthy growth and development,  boosting muscle mass and repairing cells and tissues. Your immune system relies on sleep to stay healthy. Getting enough quality sleep helps you function well throughout the day.

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