Food as a Reward

How often do you use food as a reward for your kids? Maybe they have a booboo and are being brave, so we reward them with a lollipop. Or they’ve finished their chore chart and get rewarded with ice cream. Sounds familiar? And what’s wrong with that?

When food is often associated with making yourself feel better, then as an adult when you have a booboo in your heart; feel pain, sad, down; you may (and probably will) turn to food for comfort as well. Better yet, take the family for ice cream just because, or as part of a family day outing. Some non-food reward ideas are having your child pick a new book or toy, giving them some special alone time with you, doing a special activity together, or a fun outing.

Try to be mindful of your kids associations with food now when they’re young, to help them have a healthier relationship with food as an adult. Patterns and habits are hard to change, but when we start young, it’s a lot easier to develop healthy routines.nofoodasreward
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Holiday fun with the kids

Holidays are all about the kids!  Here are some fun and healthy activities that you can do with the kids this weekend so they’re not spending too much time on their ipads, iphones and tv.  Too much screen time can be harmful, especially for kids, affecting their sleep, their weight, social skills, creativity, etc.

Don’t we all feel better when we move our body? The kids will love it too!
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Holiday tip: Eat more real food

As we’re approaching the holidays with lots of yummy foods and treats for the kids, I encourage you to shift your focus and attitude with food. Instead of focusing on what to take “out of your diet” or what the kids “shouldn’t be having”, simply “add more healthy foods in”. More veggies, more fruit, more real food from nature that isn’t from a bag and wasn’t processed in a plant or factory. The more wholesome foods you eat, the less room and desire you’ll have for highly processed foods.

The benefits of simply adding 1 fruit and 2 to 3 veggies into your daily diet are enormous! Adults who eat cleaner have much more energy, are more positive, handle stress better and their moods are more balanced. Kids who eat real food do better in school and behave better at home.

Try it; and notice the results.

Almond Cookie Recipe

Many of you have been private messaging me for my Almond Cookie Recipe so here it is!

These Almond Cookies are carb free, refined sugar free, gluten free, saturated fat free, keto friendly and can be made vegan. They are delicious and a great snack that you can prepare ahead. They freeze extremely well and taste so good straight from freezer.

Homemade snacks are always more nutritious and healthier than the healthiest store bought bars, so it’s worth a few minutes on the weekend to prep.

These are quick ‘n easy, 20 mins start to finish, one bowl and super simple! I even have a variation for those on the elimination diet who can’t have eggs or chocolate, see below.

Left: With blanched white almond flour   Right: With almond meal
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How to stay pumped, positive and energized on a super busy day (or any day)!

Some days, probably most days, there are just not enough hours, Right? So what’s the trick to being the most productive while still maintaining your sanity, optimism and energy?  I believe, that the trick is in 3 things: a) starting your day right b) fueling your body with the right foods c) having healthy routines throughout your day.

I’ll share some tricks that I use and love:
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Should you listen to your body’s cravings?

Cravings 101….we’ve all been there; wondering why you’re craving something that you don’t think you should have.

You need to understand that your body is a super computer and never makes mistakes. Your lungs don’t miss a breath. Your heart doesn’t miss a beat. So when the body is craving sweets, chocolate, or alcohol, it’s probably not making a mistake either. It’s trying to create balance for something that’s out of sync in the system. Maybe your lifestyle is not working for you.  Maybe you’re unhappy in your career, maybe you need more spirituality in your life, maybe you need to improve your relationships, or maybe you need to exercise. An improvement in any of these four areas can reduce those cravings.

However, sometimes a craving can be something you’re missing in your diet so see if you can find a healthier way to have this food, ie: if you’re craving sugar, see if having beets, carrots or any other sweet vegetable will reduce your sugar craving. I like to have goji berries which is a super food that has so many health benefits and satisfies my sugar craving.

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Want more hours in your day?

How many of you wish for more time in the day to do everything you want to do? Following this one simple tip can really help increase the amount of productivity time in your day.
**Be mindful of what you eat and drink when you have lots of things to tackle**
Food either gives you energy or takes away from your energy. So before you put anything to your lips on a day that you need to expand your time, think to yourself – is this going to give me more energy, make me more productive and increase my time today or will it make me crash and feel lazy, leaving me with lots of loose ends and unfinished business.


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Why shifting things in your home will give you more energy!

Health is so much more than what we put into our bodies! Often, our environment is either encouraging a healthy lifestyle or stopping us from living one. Take a look at your home or apartment – the rooms, the decor, the lights and the general environment.  Is it peaceful or is it chaotic? Is it minimalist and clean or is it cluttered? How are the lights in your home? Do they promote a calm atmosphere?  If you’re having a hard time shifting to a healthier lifestyle, you may want to physically shift things in your home.


Here are five easy suggestions that you can incorporate immediately:
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What are you grateful for today?

I like to start every morning by writing down a few things I’m grateful for that day. When you approach life from a place of gratitude and abundance, you attract more of that into your life. What you choose to focus on becomes your reality, so what do you choose to focus on? Stop right now, take out your notepad or your phone and write down 3 things you’re grateful for today. Try to do this every day. You’ll see a difference in your day and in your life! I like to do this in the morning because starting your day with a positive attitude sets the tone for a positive day and helps you focus on all the good things you have in your life.

Tonight is the 4th night of Hanukkah. Love this holiday!! Starting tonight for the next 5 days of Hanukkah, I’ll be sharing something I’m grateful for on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Why don’t you do the same on your social media forums? Spread positive vibes and express appreciation for all the good that you have in your life.


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