Listen to your body and the signs it gives you

We live in an information abundant world; everything available at our fingertips and it’s hard to know what information is accurate when it comes to health and food, right? So my suggestion is…be your own judge! See which foods make you feel good; which ones don’t and which ones cause your kids to act differently.

listen to body

Know that each of our bodies are different, so
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Eating healthy is a choice…

Every day we are faced with choices. What to put in and on our body. The next time you’re struggling to make the right choice, remember this: Nothing tastes as good as Feeling Good!


You will notice a difference immediately in your mood, skin, brain clarity, energy and productivity when you make wiser food and product choices.

I help my clients choose the right foods and products for their body.  Need a little assistance? Email and I’ll be happy to help you embrace a healthier, happier and more productive 2018.

How important is your health to you? What choice will you make today; or this week? It’s up to you. 

A healthy, productive and energized day starts with…

… Your Plate!

It’s very trendy today to pick up a juice at a juice bar or get a wheat grass shot and feel like you’re being healthy, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love freshly squeezed juice and tonic shots and loading my smoothies with all sorts of super foods, and they’re really good for you too. But, none of that should “replace” real food; FRUITS and VEGGIES!


How many
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Do you read ingredients?

How often do you look at the ingredient list on the back of a food package?
Don’t be fooled by the label! The food industry wants us to buy; and they know we’ll buy if it looks healthy, so they’ll often put somewhat misleading labels on the package, such as “whole grain” “high fiber” “low fat”. Some of what’s on the label might be true, but…they can’t fool an informed buyer who knows how to read an ingredient list. So the  next time you shop, don’t only look at the label…read the ingredients to see if it’s really healthy for you.
if you cant pronounce

Here are some examples of misleading labels: 
If the second ingredient
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Immune Boosting Golden Milk Latte to fight off nasty Winter Illnesses

I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes to help prevent winter colds – the Golden Milk Latte!!

Did you know that getting sick isn’t necessarily a bad thing?  Your immune system actually gets stronger as you fight infection. But, who has time or patience to get sick, right? I know, I don’t. It ain’t fun.

So, try this anti-inflammatory latte to build your immune system without getting sick; using food as medicine to strengthen your body against illness.

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How much water do you drink daily? 

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to hydrate! Most people suffer from chronic dehydration. The amount of water your body needs is half your weight in ounces to function at optimal level. So if you weigh 140 lbs, you should be drinking 70 ounces of water daily. If you work out, then add another 10 ounces.
Note: Juice and tea does not count as your daily water requirement. Also, you don’t want to drink with meals as it interferes with digestion. If drinking is necessary with a meal; then add lemon to the water. The morning is the best time to drink as much as possible, as your body is naturally dehydrated after sleep.
Drinking the right amount of water ensures that your cells don’t sit in a stagnant pool and that there’s proper fluid exchange. Food can’t digest well in a dehydrated colon and absorption of nutrients can’t happen without proper water. So if you’re ready to make one change this month, start by drinking MORE pure and clean WATER!
Tip for the week: Drink more water!

Long term effects of eating meals together!

Years ago, it was simply part of the household routine that dinner was eaten together, as a family, every night. Over dinner, you can hear the sounds of laughter, fighting, conversing, and most importantly, attention was lavished on the children.

As times and schedules have changed, so have dinner routines. If they are even routine. If parents are eating with the children, it is usually with one parent on the cell phone and children are rushed in order to get to the next activity.

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Holiday Drinking…

The holidays are here and I bet you’ll be having some drinks;) Am I right?

Drinking can actually be good for you when not overdone. Wine helps release stuck emotions and vodka helps release physical trauma when taken mindfully, in moderation and with intention.

Here are a few guidelines to keep alcohol consumption healthier for you.
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Do you eat enough fruits and veggies?

How many servings of fruits and veggies do you consume daily? Fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens, are the most important foods to eat for longevity, better skin, energy, and to help everything in the body work properly.

Think of the gas you put in your car. If you put low quality gas in an expensive car, it won’t work well. If you put low quality food in your beautiful body, it won’t work well either.
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