Do you warm your food in plastic?

BPA-in-plastics-4One of the most harmful things today, known by many as the “cigarettes of our generation” is Plastic. Plastic from food packaging can leach into food and enter the body. The CDC reports that over 92% of people who were tested had detectable levels of BPA and other plastic chemicals in their bodies (including newborn babies).

Unfortunately, almost everything is packed in plastic today, so it’s hard to completely avoid it; but we can do small things to cut it down such as

replacing plastic water bottles with glass (preferably) or stainless steel. Try to store food in glass containers. If plastic is necessary for travel, at least don’t warm food in plastic.

At the preschool I work at, we made the shift (thanks to our dedicated director and parents) to real cups, plates and silverware a while back – kudos to our teachers for handling all those dishes! The more we move away from plastic, the better it’ll be for our body and our environment.

I don’t want you to panic about this; just do your best and leave the rest. No one is perfect, nor should you try to be. But being educated is the first step to better health!

Here’s a great article with more information about this!

Tip for the week: Look at your pantry or refrigerator and change just one thing from plastic to glass.

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