Dangers of distracted eating…

Many people suffer from stomach and digestive issues and often it can come from simply eating while distracted, stressed or on the run. Scarfing down food while at the desk, eating while driving (on traffic filled roads) or answering emails and texts during meals.
9017745_origWhat happens in your body when eating while taking care of many tasks is

your body senses the stress and goes into flight or fight mode, taking all of its strength and adrenaline to deal with the emergency at hand, and nothing left to digest your food; which can cause bloating, stomach pain and discomfort.Distracted eating also leads to overeating and obesity as your mind is not present to know when your body is full and satisfied.

I know it’s so hard to find a few moments to eat mindfully and in peace when you’re a parent of little ones, or working all the time, but it’s so important to make this a priority for your physical and mental well being.

Taking a few deep breaths before you eat can help calm your body so that better digestion can take place. And, maybe put your phone on airplane mode while eating; it’ll help you not reach for the phone and “work” during meal time.

Tip for the week: Use meal time as a time to be present with your body and with your food and mindfully and calmly nourish your body.

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