A healthy, productive and energized day starts with…

… Your Plate!

It’s very trendy today to pick up a juice at a juice bar or get a wheat grass shot and feel like you’re being healthy, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love freshly squeezed juice and tonic shots and loading my smoothies with all sorts of super foods, and they’re really good for you too. But, none of that should “replace” real food; FRUITS and VEGGIES!


How many

fruits, and more importantly, how many fresh or cooked veggies are you consuming at every meal?

There is nothing as nutritious, as energizing, as healing; and no cosmetic product that will make your skin look as good and glowy as simply eating lots of berries and veggies.

A healthy outside starts from the inside!

Let’s honor Tu B’shvat, the birthday of the Trees; by committing to eating and serving our family more veggies.

Tip for the week: Fill your plate with loads of colorful veggies!

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