Do you read ingredients?

How often do you look at the ingredient list on the back of a food package?
Don’t be fooled by the label! The food industry wants us to buy; and they know we’ll buy if it looks healthy, so they’ll often put somewhat misleading labels on the package, such as “whole grain” “high fiber” “low fat”. Some of what’s on the label might be true, but…they can’t fool an informed buyer who knows how to read an ingredient list. So the  next time you shop, don’t only look at the label…read the ingredients to see if it’s really healthy for you.
if you cant pronounce

Here are some examples of misleading labels: 
If the second ingredient

in a loaf of bread is sugar, it doesn’t matter how “organic and natural” the label says it is; it aint good for you. Did you know that when eggs are labeled cage free, it doesn’t mean that they were raised outdoors, or even in sanitary conditions? Surprising eh? Did you know that most pickles have coloring and sugar in ’em? Yup! Did you know that most yogurts have more sugar than M&M’s? And that there are actually no vegetables in “Veggie” Chips?

That’s why reading ingredients is KEY to really knowing what’s in your food and keeping yourself and your family healthy. 
If you need help learning to read ingredients, contact me for some tips; always happy to help, or give you a guided shopping tour to educate you on how to understand ingredients. Remember one thing when it comes to ingredients; if you can’t spell it, pronounce it, and wouldn’t cook with it in your own kitchen, don’t eat it.
Tip for the week: Read ingredients!


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