Immune Boosting Golden Milk Latte to fight off nasty Winter Illnesses

I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes to help prevent winter colds – the Golden Milk Latte!!

Did you know that getting sick isn’t necessarily a bad thing?  Your immune system actually gets stronger as you fight infection. But, who has time or patience to get sick, right? I know, I don’t. It ain’t fun.

So, try this anti-inflammatory latte to build your immune system without getting sick; using food as medicine to strengthen your body against illness.


Super 2-minute easy! In vitamix place:

1 box non dairy milk (I use organic soy milk from Trader Joes; as it only has 2 ingredients)
4 fresh turmeric, peeled
1 fresh ginger, peeled
A drop black pepper (helps with turmeric absorption)
1 Tbsp honey (I use white gold raw honey from Whole Foods; it’s really good)
Optional add:  A splash of Rachel Beller’s goldenmilk chocolatte spice (Amazon)

Blend and enjoy! It’s delicious!!!

Turmeric is an antioxidant, fights inflammation, is brain boosting and helps arthritis.
Ginger supports stable blood sugar, heart health, is a digestive aid and fights infection.

Tip for this week: Make something new that will boost your health!

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