Do you eat enough fruits and veggies?

How many servings of fruits and veggies do you consume daily? Fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens, are the most important foods to eat for longevity, better skin, energy, and to help everything in the body work properly.

Think of the gas you put in your car. If you put low quality gas in an expensive car, it won’t work well. If you put low quality food in your beautiful body, it won’t work well either.

Fruits and veggies feed your body with the best fuel it needs to operate beautifully. Include a variety of different colors as they each have different health benefits. Kale and collard greens rate highest in nutrient per calorie density per ANDI scores. The more nutrient-dense food you consume, the more you will be satisfied with fewer calories and fill your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Tip for this week: Increase your fruit and veggie intake and make a point of eating more leafy greens for optimum health. If you make it well, you’ll love the taste too! But most importantly, you’ll love how it makes you feel.

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