Holiday fun with the kids

Holidays are all about the kids!  Here are some fun and healthy activities that you can do with the kids this weekend so they’re not spending too much time on their ipads, iphones and tv.  Too much screen time can be harmful, especially for kids, affecting their sleep, their weight, social skills, creativity, etc.

Don’t we all feel better when we move our body? The kids will love it too!

When was the last time you and your kids went hiking together? Franklin Canyon has some great and easy hikes.  It’s relaxing, gets everyone moving before Thanksgiving dinner, in nature, with good energy and calm vibes. There is even a pond with ducks that the kids will enjoy.

Thursday will be great beach weather. Take the kids for a fun outing at the beach. Walking barefoot in the sand is grounding, energizing and helps you feel calm and relaxed. Did you know that people spend hundreds of dollars on “grounding” chairs as it’s really good for your health? Grounding your body helps maintain a good immune system, aids circulation and detoxification.  Well, no need to invest in grounding equipment when we live in LA and can walk barefoot on the beach and take the kids along.

Have the kids help you prepare a dessert. Some ideas: healthy muffins, fruit kabobs,  baked apples topped with cinnamon, baked pears topped with strawberries, banana bread, frozen plain yogurt popsicles with fresh fruit in it, or simply pull out a cookbook with cool pictures and have the kids choose what they want to make.

Fruit picking is a great, fun and healthy activity for the whole family.  The kids may even want to cook something with all the great produce they picked. And you bet they’ll eat it if they picked it.

Board games are super fun, brain stimulating and creates great family bonding. See what board games you can take out of the closet that the whole family will enjoy together.


I’d love to know what fun and healthy activities you and your family enjoyed over the holiday weekend!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving, with good food, lots of laughs and appreciation for all we have, especially our health.

Tip for the week: Plan a fun activity to do with the kids every weekend whether it’s something outdoors with movement, or with healthy food and cooking or something that is simply brain stimulating and bonding and see what a difference it’ll make in your family. 

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