Why shifting things in your home will give you more energy!

Health is so much more than what we put into our bodies! Often, our environment is either encouraging a healthy lifestyle or stopping us from living one. Take a look at your home or apartment – the rooms, the decor, the lights and the general environment.  Is it peaceful or is it chaotic? Is it minimalist and clean or is it cluttered? How are the lights in your home? Do they promote a calm atmosphere?  If you’re having a hard time shifting to a healthier lifestyle, you may want to physically shift things in your home.


Here are five easy suggestions that you can incorporate immediately:

  1. Make your home more open and airy, inviting sunlight and fresh air in; you’ll feel so much happier.
  2. De-clutter! You’ll find you have more space and peace in your mind when you create space in your closets and drawers.
  3. Lighting! This is my favorite:) Choose light bulbs that bring peace and calmness to your room. I’ve always been obsessed with lighting. In my 2-bulb bathroom fixture, I have one regular bulb and one red bulb – it changes the whole feel of the room. In my bedroom I have a lighting system installed where I can choose any color light I want, depending on my mood, it’s so fun, relaxing and sexy. In my living room where I spend most of my time, I have three stained glass light bulbs in different calming colors along with of course a red bulb. It’s pretty and gives the room such a calm, peaceful feel; like I’m on vacation everyday.
  4. Smell – keep your home smelling beautiful. Guests visiting often comment, “It smells so good in here”. In addition to keeping your home clean, have scented candles or oils in each room. Lighting a candle for just a few minutes a day brings good energy into your home and makes it smell like a beautiful spa; you’ll feel like you’re in one all the time.  Candles also create a general feeling of relaxation and add a touch of femininity to the home.
  5. Your home should always be ready for company. YOU are the most important person you are entertaining in your home because you spend the most time in it. If the way your house looks isn’t inviting to guests, then it isn’t inviting to you either nor is it conducive to your health!

So get your butt off the couch and start making your home into a peaceful sanctuary. You’ll instantly feel healthier, lighter, more energized and relaxed.

Most importantly,  you’ll be more mindful of what’s going Inside your body when you create a beautiful environment Outside your body for you to live in, everyday. Your home is your Sanctuary. Take care of this and your life becomes all that you wish it to be.

Tip of the week:
Keep your home guest- ready all the time. Surround yourself with pretty things, pretty smells, pretty lights and a clean and clutter-free atmosphere for a healthier body and mind, everyday.

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