Why kicking off your shoes increases your health!

shoes8Did you know that by removing your shoes before entering your house or apartment you can increase your health? Yup! Why is that? Well, we’re surrounded by toxins in the air, on the ground and on mostly everything we eat. Every year, the toxins in our environment increase by 3%!!! The population increases by .77% each year, so what does that say about our environment if the toxins increase at a rapid rate of 3x more than the population…it’s ridiculous! Toxins are directly related to auto immune diseases. There are many things you can do to reduce toxins in your life such as having an air filter at home, removing mercury tooth fillings, eliminating creams, lotions and cosmetics that have toxic chemicals in it, etc.  Interesting fact: Did you know that a woman uses an average of 80 cosmetics  just before breakfast! 

shoes4I’ll admit, it’s overwhelming to consider removing all toxins out of your life and I’m all about simple, easy steps to increase our health, so I want to share just ONE tip that everyone can do, starting right now. And that is…Stop Wearing Shoes in Your House! Why? Your shoes step into a multitude of bacteria, toxins and dirt outside everyday. We walk through things like bird droppings, dog waste and germs on public restroom floors, all of which are sources for E coli. Pesticides, toxic coal tar, lead, fecal matter and gasoline comprise just a few of the toxins that could be making their way into your home via your shoes. Harmful bacteria can survive on your shoes for days or weeks and then tracked on to your floors and carpets. Carpet is a magnet for toxins, which can be especially harmful to infants, young children and pets. It’s even more gross if you think about resting your shoes on a piece of furniture, or on your bed. Long-term exposure to these toxins has been shown to adversely affect health. Let’s be real. You’re going to be exposed to the stuff anyway, just by being in the world, but…if you can keep your home as a kind of Sanctuary, that would be beneficial. Leaving shoes at the door allows you to prevent germs and toxins from making their way into your home and exposing you and your family to the health risks.

shoes7In addition to the physical benefits of doing this, there are energetic benefits as well. If you are sensitive and in-tune to the energies around you like I am, you’ll notice the energy that outside dirt brings into your home. I have always removed my shoes before entering my apartment, as I don’t want the energy from the street inside my living space. Do you? Your home is sacred and your health is important, so take little steps like this to help you live a less toxic and cleaner life. And get some cute open slippers to wear inside your house that allow your feet to breath and relax.

Tip for the week:
Leave your shoes at the door and take notice of harmful chemicals you find in your lotions, in your cosmetics, in your toothpaste and in your cleaning supplies. 

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