Reaping the benefits of exercise!

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Now, back to exercise! I often hear from clients “I know I should exercise but I can’t find the time or the motivation…” So I ask you: Do you want to feel better tomorrow, next week, next year or do you want to feel lighter and more energized Today?? #justdoit #bethechangeyouwanttosee #brightenupyourday #feelamazing #endorphins #energyboost

Be the light you want in ur life☀️. If someone was stumbling in the darkness🌚 wishing they can see clearer, wouldn’t you tell them to just open the light? So bring more light into Your life – exercise will help you have a brighter and better attitude and more positive outlook everyday!! Exercise will help you handle stress and any obstacles that come your way with ease! It’s the Best drug on the planet and it’s 🆓!!! Exercising 30 mins daily, any type of movement – yoga, cycling, swimming, walking, pilates, stretching, hiking, aerobics, #whatevermakesyouhappy🤓 will add light, energy and lightness to your life!💃🏻 “Dedicated exercise time” 🤔 not running after your toddler or doing errands 😋 Because calming your mind during exercise is just as important as moving your body!
#barefootbeachrunning #ocean #lovejogging#beachwalking #nature #getyourbodymoving👊 #dowhatyoulove💜 #healthcoachrivkie

That’s me, barefoot beach jogging on Venice Beach. Ever wonder why you feel so good after an hour at the beach?  Many studies are showing that having the soles of your feet come in contact with nature is one of the best things to do for your body – it’s Grounding, which improves vitality and health. 

I can go on and on about the benefits of exercise for health, mood, waistline and all other functions of your body!  I bet you probably know all of them, but here’s some unexpected benefits:

  1. Improved sexual function
  2. Changes in gene expression
  3. Better skin
  4. Healthy eyes
  5. Better sleep
  6. A sharper brain
  7. Fewer migraines
  8. Boosted immunity
  9. A sunnier disposition
  10. More birthdays (extended life expectancy)

Doing Exercise that you Enjoy!
You’re probably familiar with “runner’s high,” but did you know that any type of exercise gives a natural high? What goes up must come down, and this age-old idiom applies to exercise too. A lot of people get really excited to start exercising and do it every day religiously to start out. Then they hit a wall and start resenting their workouts or even skipping them. Make sure you’re doing exercise you truly love, and not just doing it because it’s trendy or someone told you it was the best thing for you. What’s best for you is the exercise that you can actually commit to because you love the way it makes you feel. The other solution is variety. When you mix up your workouts and do a few different things, you’re less likely to get bored, frustrated, and hit a wall. When you have an arsenal of different forms of exercise you love, you’ll never get bored.

Tip of the day:
Which exercise are you going to start with today?  Not tomorrow, TODAY! 😉  Start with something simple that you ENJOY! The more you ENJOY your exercise, the more you’re prone to STICK with it:)

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