Wonder Why Americans Are Sick and Overweight?

Anyone who realizes that there is something wrong in the way we eat can make a change, and I know you do!

Why is low quality food like genetically modified corn, dairy, meat and soy – subsidized by the govt and fruits and veggies are not?? Making those with lower incomes say they can’t eat a healthy diet because it’s too expensive…forcing them to spend their hard earned dollars on doctor bills and pharmacies from the ailments they’re getting from the cheap foods they’re eating. We need to make a change to make a Healthier America and afford everyone the opportunity to eat healthy! Everyone deserves to be able to treat their body like a Temple and not like a Garbage Disposal.

Salads need to be $1 and low quality burgers on crappy white bread should be $4, not the other way around!  Soda should be taxed and overpriced and water should be Free!!!

Ads and billboards need to Stop Lying to our children! Beauty, Energy and Vitality comes from Foods that Nourish the body, ie: Veggies… Not from Coke or Snapple or the $1 sandwiches from fast food chains.

We need to have more vending machines selling Real Food and less vending machines selling unhealthy snacks that are full of chemicals and high in sugar.

We need to eat a higher  percentage of greens and veggies that enhance our health and make our body strong and a lower percentage of foods that are not helpful to our health and weaken us.  Start with your kids lunches or the lunch programs in your kids school.

Tip for the week:
What are you doing this week to make a change in your own health choices and the ones of those around you? You can start with this – stop supporting the fast food chains and low quality snack companies!

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